Video catalogue

I'm gradually updating the catalogue of (almost) all my performances in porn. I'm alternating between adding details about recent scenes and older scenes, and in due course I'll organise them better so they aren't just on one long ass page. I'm including links to where you can watch or buy the scenes, where available, a key to the contents of the scene and some useless behind the scenes commentary. If you think I've missed out any scenes, please let me know, but I won't be including a spectacularly awful CP video I did around 2001, under a different screen name, which I don't think I could find if I wanted to!

  1. Cover of Arm Candy DVD

    Arm Candy

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    Studio: Hot House (
    Released: 2015

    Dolan fucks and gets fucked in this scenespacerThis movie contains fistingspacerfeatures toys
    Arm Candy is my fourth outing for Hot House, but my first since they became part of the Falcon and Raging Stallion family, not that that made much of a difference to anything except where the movie was shot. The toys, coloured to match the set of the movie, were made by my good friend Scott from (he doesn't sell the multi-coloured versions, but trust me, you won't care what colour they are when you feel them). Handsome stud, Dylan Saunders took very good care of my ass when he topped me, though the position he had me in was HARD to hold. The one time Christian Owen (love you) puts me on a nice, soft, padded set, and instead of letting me take a fist on all fours, he has me half squatting!

  2. Cover of The Big One DVD

    The Big One

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    Released: February 2010

    Dolan bottomsspacerHands free load
    Filmed in a gay bar in Las Vegas, the working title of this movie was 'Muscle Bear Saloon'. As I supped from my beer during the set up of my scene, in which I daydream about sex with the barkeep, I couldn't help thinking about Lucille Ball's famous Vitameatavegamin sketch, where she becomes progressively more intoxicated and incoherent with each new take and sip of the medicine. My scene partner, the very sexy Marco Van, fucks a load out of me, although the angle doesn't capture it as well as it might have. I call it hands free if it wasn't jerking off that finally made me cum. Holding my cock to improve the display doesn't count.

  3. Cover of Cut To The Chase DVD

    Cut To The Chase

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    Released: 2014

    Dolan fucks and gets fucked in this scenespacer
    Titan movies from the 1990's and early 2000's were the one of the main reasons I wanted to perform in porn, so when the chance to film, not only with Titan, but with the legendary grand-Daddy of gay porn, Joe Gage directing, I was absolutely thrilled, though possibly more nervous than I had been filming the 60 odd scenes I had already done. Luckily I had my best buddy Dirk Caber holding my, er, hand for this and our duo together (as yet unreleased) and the sexy J.D. Phoenix to do bad things to.

  4. Cover of Rugby Fucking Union DVD

    Rugby Fuckin' Union

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    Released: Autumn 2009

    versatile scenespacerfeatures sportswearspacerfeatures jock straps
    The locker room in this scene was actually the upstairs room in a large house near Woolwich in London. I'm not sure about my co-stars in the film, but I played a fair amount of actual rugby before making this one and the rugby pitch was definitely real. This film contains one of two scenes I have shot with the very sexy, very funny and very ginger stud, Trey McFlynn.

  5. Cover of Out On The Hit DVD

    Out On The Hit

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    Released: 2009

    Dolan bottomsspacerfeatures sportswear
    This was my first scene for Alphamale. I met my hunky and sweet scene partner, Rocco Banks, earlier that day in a park in Peckham, where we filmed some scenes for another, non-pornographic film by Max Barber, called 'Dirty Bent Bastards'. This was one of the first Alphamale experiments where the porn film and a non-porn counterpart were made together with shared footage.

  6. Cover of Hungry Holes DVD

    Hungry Holes

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    Released: 2009

    Dolan bottomsspacerfeatures rubberspacerfeatures toysspacerfeatures BDSM
    The awesome thing about filming stuff for the lovely boys at Butch Dixon, is that sometimes you can give them a shout and say, "I've got this really hot friend who I'd like to film something kinky with!" And sometimes they say, "When is good for you?" That's how this shoot with Trey came about. The outfit I wore he bought on eBay, but it fitted me like a glove, so I did not want to give it back. This was one of those shoots where I was enjoying Trey fucking me so much at times I forgot we were filming.

  7. Cover of Bear With Me DVD

    Bear With Me

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    Released: 2009

    Dolan bottomsspacerfeatures leatherspacerfeatures BDSM
    I first met Marco De Brute in a bar in Berlin during the Folsom Europe event in 2008, which was also the event where I first met and roomed with Dirk Caber (before either of us had filmed any porn - I'm not counting the dreadful CP thing I did back around 2001). I'd always thought Marco was very sexy - well my sight is fine with my contacts in, and again the boys at Butch Dixon were very accommodating when we asked if they'd like to shoot us. The bondage frame in the scene belonged to me, though soon after we shot this I upgraded to a heavy duty scaffold frame that is not so easy to transport to a porn shoot.

  8. Stills shot from solo shoot

    Solo With Dildo

    Watch now
    Released: 2009

    Dolan wears leatherspacerDolan wears a jock strapspacerDolan uses a sex toy
    It mostly started here. In earlier lives I had already met the boys at Butch Dixon. Once with a stills photo shoot with a sexy man called Dean Munro, shortly before he filmed his first porn video in London, called 'The White Room' and then again via my job in sexual health promotion. I didn't imagine they'd want to shoot me for Butch Dixon, but then I spoke with Ross Hurston about doing porn and he offered to introduce me to them. I figured that would be a less humilating way to be rejected, so I accepted his offer. I was a bit of a rabbit in headlights at the shoot and I hated the way I looked and posed in most of the stills I saw, but then a friend said that Madonna probably hated her early efforts too, so I persevered. I still rely on good lighting and editing to make me look remotely sexy, but as long as I'm invited back and I still enjoy it...

  9. Alphamale Jerk Off - solo shoot (winter 2009) -

  10. Butch Dixon - Flip Flp Fucking (spring 2011) -

  11. Butch Dixon - Topping Aaron Richmond

  12. Butch Dixon - Double fucked by Jake Driver and Collin Stone

  13. Butch Dixon - Workman in van fucked by Jeff Stronger

  14. Butch Dixon - Leather topping Marc Angelo

  15. Butch Dixton - Vanilla topping Joe Winn

  16. Butch Dixon - Tag team topping Sam Bishop with Delta Kobra

  17. Butch Dixon - Leather bottom for Kris Iron

  18. Butch Dixon - Skinhead bottom for Brock Hatcher

  19. London Lads XXX - Tag team topping Collin Stone with Jake Driver

  20. Alphamale - FF bottom for Harley Everett

  21. Alphamale - Squaddie topping Marco Sessions

  22. Alphamale - Workman bottom for Lucio Saints

  23. Alphamale - Suited bottom for Tico

  24. Alphamale - Workman top for Jason Torres

  25. Alphamale - Workman bottom for Antonio Garcia

  26. Alphamale: Balls Deep - Hipster bottom for Rich Kelly

  27. Alphamale: Checkmate - Hipster bottom for Bruno Fox

  28. Alphamale: Checkmate - Tag team bottom for Bruno Fox & Rich Kelly

  29. Alphamale: The Lockerroom - Athlete topping Dirk Caber

  30. Alphamale: Workmen - Workman bottom for Kayden Gray

  31. Eurocreme: Daddy's Boy - Suited Daddy topping Lyle Boyce

  32. Eurocreme: Choirboy - Bad Deacon topping Danny Montero and Ben Cox

  33. Eurocreme: Harder Daddy - Suited Daddy topping Kamyk

  34. Phoenixxx - Semi-formal bottom for Skylar Blue

  35. Phoenixxx - Semi-formal topping Aaron Aurora

  36. Bulldog - Solo (with fuck-machine)

  37. COLT: Armour - Bottom for Wilfried Knight

  38. COLT: Armour - Cigar & leather uniform with Bob Hager (no fucking)

  39. COLT: Slick - Rubber solo

  40. COLT: Muscle Ridge - Oral top for JR Bronson

  41. COLT: Muscle Ridge - Oral bottom for Trenton Ducati

  42. Bound Jocks: Tight Ends - bottom for Jessy Ares

  43. Bound Jocks: No Pain, No Gain - bottom for Bob Hager

  44. Smoking Hunks - Leather, cigar and toy solo

  45. Cazzo: Hard Play - Rubber FF vers with Christian Herzog

  46. Hot House - Club Inferno: Long Arm Of The Law - FF topping Brandon Moore

  47. Hot House - Club Inferno: Long Arm Of The Law - flip fisting with Drew Sebastian

  48. Hot House - Club Inferno: Big Bad Wolf - FF bottom for Mitch Vaughan

  49. Hot House - Club Inferno: Big Bad Wolf - flip fisting with Drew Sebastian

  50. Hot House - Club Inferno: Big Bad Wolf - FF bottom for Rikk York

  51. Hot House - Club Inferno: Enlist Your Fist - FF bottom for Alessandro Del Toro

  52. Studfist - FF bottom for Amerifist on bed

  53. Studfist - FF bottom for Amerifist in sling

  54. Studfist - FF topping Brian Bonds in sling

  55. Studfist - FF bottom for Amerifist in sling and on bed

  56. Studfist - FF bottom for Cory Jay by pool

  57. Studfist - FF topping Cory Jay by pool - coming soon!

  58. Men At Play: 'Just Fucked' - Suited topping Marco Taurus

  59. Staxxxus - Suited topping Kai Alexander

  60. Titan: flip fucking with Dirk Caber. Cumming soon!

  61. Alphamales - Massage client bottom for Bruno Fox (hands free cumshot). Cumming soon!

  62. Bulldog - Wrestling Coach top for Mathew Davis. Cumming soon!